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My name is Leonardo Del Paggio, I was born in Bologna in 1983.
I started my adventure in the fashion business in 2003 when I met Andrew MacKenzie and I became his right-hand man. I was studying History of Fashion in Rimini and at the same time, I was working for him. I grew up with him in this glam world.
It was a great experience because I have learned a lot of things with him, like looking tendency, doing mood boards, designing sketches and choosing fabrics. I was in charge of creating graphics and color cards, projecting the packaging and the set design for the shows, as well as writing the press releases. I was taking care also of casting and styling for the fashion shows, organizing and shooting the look book and the campaign. I have realized a short film to promote the new collection.
During my collaboration, we did a lot of projects together.
The main lines were Andrew MacKenzie and Against My Killer which was immortalized into a limited edition catalog by Duane Michals presented at Galleria Carla Sozzani, but at the same time, we were designing for other brands like Dirk Bikkembergs, About Blu and Vic-Torian.

In 2011, we presented the documentary Bible Black – Five days with Andrew Mackenzie, a really underground fashion movie about the history of the brand, which was shown during the Copenhagen Fashion Week and was awarded at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.
I decided to open my own studio as a fashion designer, working for different brands, like Absolut Joy and Bray Steve Alan before entering in Gaudì’s team as the menswear designer in 2014 for the lines Gaudì, Gaudi Jeans, Gaudì Active, Gaudì Teen and Boy, Pacha Ibiza.
From the last two years, I have started to travel to the Far East, in China and Bangladesh, to explain the collection to the suppliers and control the development of the collections.

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